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How to save damaged hair after bleaching?

Have you lightened your hair and want it to regain its former form? Your goal will be to provide them with the right nutrients – make this a priority. But where to find them?

Does bleaching damage your hair?

What determines the color of the hair? From the number and type of melanin molecules (pigment group) in the bulb. Lightening the hair, especially with dark pigment, is a deep interference in its structure. Chemical bleaching of hair is nothing pleasant for the hair. Let’s take the sodium metasilicate “on the job”, which you will find in most chemical hair bleaching products. It has one task – to make it easier for the lightener to penetrate under the cuticle. To achieve this goal, it first destroys the fatty layer that protects the hair core and keeps the right amount of water in it. Later, it opens the cuticles and “injects” pigment-dispersing substances inside the hair. Pretty aggressive process, isn’t it?

That is why, after all, the hair is weakened, prone to mechanical damage, brittleness and splitting. Proper care will help improve their appearance and condition.

I have dark hair myself and I must admit that it was hard for me to give up even a small metamorphosis, which improves my mood and brings a slight breeze of freshness. I opted for 1/3 of the length. My hair is dry, curly and frizzy. They didn’t look good after surgery. I started looking for a way to save them.

How to rebuild damaged hair after bleaching?

For first, look at the best products of hair dying and bleaching at If your hair is very damaged after bleaching, start by trimming the ends. Grooming should be comprehensive and regular. The greater the tonal range between the previous shade and the new one, the more often you use cosmetics to care for dry hair.

There are plenty of products on the market to support the intensive regeneration of the hair structure. What to look for? Primarily for its destiny. Look for the words on the label: for dry and damaged hair, for dry and damaged by bleaching, for colored, nourishing and regenerating hair, etc.

5 ways to take care of your hair after bleaching

1. Oils
For some time now, I have been using a mixture with organic argan oil, which I apply to my hair an hour before shampooing. I use it all along my hair.

If your hair tends to be oily, avoid applying oils close to your scalp. Keep such a product on your hair as long as the manufacturer recommends (I keep it for half an hour).

Mixtures with oils and oils usually have to be washed off, because they are too heavy to apply without rinsing. To preserve the effects of nourishment, wash off the oils with a shampoo designed for dry, damaged hair with strongly regenerating and nourishing properties (e.g. Vichy Laboratoires Dercos Technique, Pharmaceris H H-Nutrimelin – with honey and amino acids or L’Biotica Biovax – Henna extract, regenerates the structure hair). Bleached hair will be dry, whether it is greasy or not – its nutritional coating has been damaged by chemicals and needs to be rebuilt.

Other examples? Sweet almond oil has a very nourishing effect. Mainly thanks to the vitamins, fatty acids and proteins it contains. I recommend cosmetics with coconut oil – I had a conditioner that I applied after washing, on damp hair, without rinsing – a revelation! Use a little because if you use too much your hair will feel heavy and droopy.

Other oils with fatty acids and vitamins that are successfully used for hair include: linseed, jojoba, black cumin, wheat germ, rosehip, sea buckthorn and even plum seeds! Each of them nourishes, moisturizes and has protective and regenerating properties.

Look for organic, ecological or hidden products under the currently popular abbreviation BIO. Why? You will be sure that they have not lost their nutritional properties and have been produced properly.

2. Masks and conditioners
When looking for a suitable mask, follow its content. It is best when it contains natural nutrients, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins. Often, such products include the oils I wrote about above (e.g. in the Vichy Laboratoires Dercos Technique conditioner – sweet almond oil, rosehip oil or in the Seboradin regenerating mask – jojoba, castor oil).

Why is it worth reaching for cosmetics with proteins? They play a repair and strengthening role, fill the defects under the cuticle and create an additional protective layer. The Revalid protein supplement is noteworthy. It can be used for all hair types, it strongly regenerates the hair structure.

An interesting addition in hair cosmetics is mango butter. It must be cold pressed to preserve its nutrients. They are mainly natural fatty acids (stearic, oleic, linoleic and palmitic). As I mentioned earlier, the hair has its own fatty shell, which is damaged during bleaching, the above-mentioned. acids are responsible for its reconstruction. There aren’t too many mango butter conditioners in the composition. I am going to try out the Klorane hair mask in the near future.

3. Head massage
What else can help with bleached hair treatment? Head massages during washing – thanks to this you will improve blood circulation in the skin and oxygenate the hair roots. A healthy bulb is a nourished, healthy hair.

4. Hair tablets
A friend uses hair tablets with horsetail extract, nettle and B vitamins. They strengthen and nourish the bulbs, provide hair with vitamins that are essential for their development.

5. Hairdressing treatments
There are also people who decide to visit the hairdresser on a regular basis in order to perform professional regeneration treatments (e.g. hair reconstruction with the use of amino acids).

How bold eyebrows?

How bold eyebrows?

For a long time in fashion naturally thick, expressive eyebrows – all indications are that the era of thin, plucked arcs gone into oblivion. Meanwhile, excessive or badly made hair removal, cosmetic bad habits, poor diet, stress or hormonal changes may weaken Italian and clearly to thin eyebrows. Fortunately, there are several ways to reverse this process. See how bold and fill eyebrows while preserving their natural look!

Eyebrows are the frame for the eyes and emphasize the features. Should therefore primarily interact with the shape of the face, and do not adapt to the changing trends. Only then eyebrows will look natural.

What shape eyebrows?

It is assumed that:

  • with gentle arches suitable for women with a round face,
  • eyebrows with an acute angle wysmuklają round face,
  • eyebrows optically flat face shorten too lean,
  • soft, round eyebrows are recommended posiadaczkom triangular face.

Isolated easiest to develop, however, the shape of eyebrows using the theory of the golden ratio. States that:

golden ratio

  • Beginning ideal eyebrow falls at a point defined by means of pencils applied along the wings of the nose and the inner corner of the eye,
  • eyebrow should end on a line along the alar of the nose and the outer corner of the eye,
  • the highest point of elevation eyebrow line indicates the wings of the nose, passing through the outer edge of the pupil.

After the timing guidance points is enough to draw the desired shape of the eyebrow pencil, and Italian, which do not fall within the field – delete tweezers or by stringing. However, if your eyebrows are too rare – better give up the hair removal and possible extending beyond the desired contour of the Italian simply trim.

However, if your eyebrows are too rare – better give up the hair removal and possible extending beyond the desired contour of the Italian simply trim.

If you have a problem with determining the shape of the eyebrows, consult a specialist in the brow bar or in cosmetic surgery.

Makeup eyebrow – pencil, gel or pomade?

Makeup can create the illusion of thick arches, fill in the spaces in the case of thinning eyebrows, and darken too bright Italian. Pay attention to the fact that the makeup eyebrows are not too strong. They can then charge unnecessarily face and give it a menacing stern. It is also important to match the shade of cosmetics applied to the natural color of hair – contrary to appearances, most women do not fit eyebrows highlighted black crayon! It is understood that perfectly matched the color of her hair cosmetics should resemble to 2 mm at the base.

Pay attention to the fact that the makeup eyebrows are not too strong.

  • Eyebrow Pencils – allow for a natural effect by domalowywanie individual hairs (to do this short, soft strokes consistent with the direction in which the eyebrows grow). It’s a good preparation for women whose eyebrows are thinning, and for women who are just learning how to emphasize eyebrows. It is worth paying particular attention to the products that are on the one hand crayon, on the other – brush combing hair and rubbing the cosmetic.

Eyebrow Pencils

  • Pomades for eyebrows – provide good coverage and intense, lasting color. It is difficult to perform the precise figure hairs. They allow for quickly thicken and darken the eyebrows. A good compromise between the pomade and crayon sticks are wide creamy.

Pomades for eyebrows

  • Shadows eyebrow – let you get the effect of natural, brushed fill. They provide soft, slightly fuzzy finish, so that does not look like eyebrows traced from the template. Top impose them thin, obliquely truncated brush. It is worth remembering that the beginning of the eyebrow should be brighter and more expressive end. Shadows will prove to be a good option also for women who do not need to fill, and only darken the eyebrows.

Shadows Eyebrow

  • Eyebrow gels – are ideal for dense, but unruly eyebrows. You will give them the desired shape, subtly refer to the Italian mountains, which visually enlarges the eyes, as well as fix makeup made by other techniques. They provide gentle gloss finish. The sale of products are available colorless and coloring.

Gels for eyebrows

The choice of a particular type of cosmetics primarily depends on the density and shape of the eyebrows and on individual preferences. At the end of the eyebrow makeup should also announce to the bottom edge of the equalizer to give arcs neat, uncluttered look.

Eyebrow conditioner – how do they work?

However, if your brows are sparse enough that even a gentle make-up looks on them artificial or depend on long-term, natural result, a good solution will prove conditioner. You can choose from:

  • Natural methods, such as castor oil and coconut oil – enhance eyebrows, thicken and darken them. Nourish the hair follicles, thus promotes the growth of hair. Castor oil has a smooth consistency, coconut oil before applying to the eyebrow should gently warm in his hands to “melted”. Essential most convenient way to apply the mascara brush cleaned. In restoring the natural eyebrow is also useful aloe vera gel – especially when the reason is excessive hair thinning of hair removal.

Natural methods, such as castor oil or coconut oil
aloe vera gel

  • Ready nutrients available in drugstores – are more expensive, but they work faster than natural oils. Nutrients include components such as vitamins A and E, argan oil, allantoin, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid or bimatoprost (a substance responsible for the stimulation of growth of eyebrows). Thanks to strengthen, thicken and darken the eyebrows and accelerate the growth of new hairs. They are also easy to use with the included applicator. To the recommended supplements include, among others 4 brand products Long lashes, RevitaLash is Regenerum.

Ready nutrients available in drugstores
4 Long lashes, RevitaLash is Regenerum.

It should be remembered that the key to success – both for domestic ways and ready nutrients – is consistency. Preparations are best used at night every day. In the case of essential oils strengthen the bold and brwy have to wait even a few months, conditioners give effect already visible even after three weeks.


Beauty treatments for eyebrows – henna or lamination?

Popular cosmetic procedures should coloring eyebrows henna. It is fast and fairly inexpensive way to darken hair. The effect is immediate (early may even be too intense), and persists for several weeks (depending on individual predisposition – from two to six). Eyebrow no interference with the skin, it is only the imposition of a special paste for eyebrow – it’s like a little hair coloring. Accordingly, the prepared paste is applied precisely to the Italian and washes after 5-10 minutes. Incompetently executed surgery can give but very exaggerated effect – it is essential to choose the right shade of the product (not too dark!), Put it very carefully and properly removed. When applying henna should make use thin cotton swab soaked brush and cosmetics (for quick disposal of the product, which went beyond the line).

coloring eyebrows henna

Henna household is in the form of a powder which is mixed with hydrogen peroxide, or in the form of creams, gels, and already ready for use.

In domestic terms, instead of requiring the practice of henna easier to use special inks (tintów) coloring, ensuring long-lasting makeup effect.

ink (tintów) coloring

Other, more complicated and performed in beauty salons treatments to help thicken and darken the eyebrows are:

  • Reconstruction of eyebrows – provides a very natural and tailored to the individual needs of the effect. It can be made building process technique, i.e. by append individual plastic bristles, sculpting, or missing hairs domalowywania farbka with a convex structure, or mixed method. The effect of reconstruction remains from two to four weeks – to make it longer, avoid touching the hairs on the arches and the use of greasy cosmetics. Surgery should not be performed after the chemical peeling and mikrodermobrazji. It is also indicated in patients with skin lesions and wounds.
  • Lamination eyebrows – check especially when they are unruly eyebrows, too rigid and badly arranged. Therefore, as a rule, the treatment is decide thick, distinctive arches. Lamination allows eyebrows but also add volume, nourish them and nabłyszczyć. Eyebrow first purified, then activator applied, causing the slit to the scales of hair, and finally – keratin applied that restores hair structure, amplifies it thickens and polishes. The effect of treatment lasts for about a month.

lamination eyebrows

These treatments should decide when depend on the rapid result does not help or the use of cosmetics.

Permanent makeup eyebrows – what it is?

Permanent makeup is quite invasive – it’s a kind of cosmetic tattooing. However, it allows the eyebrows to give a new shape individually tailored to the contours of your face or filling gaps in the thinning hairs. The effect lasts for about two years. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and requires a recovery period to be healed small wounds that occur on the skin.

Permanent makeup eyebrows is recommended for women who want to have a perfect make-up at any time and do not want to spend a lot of time on his performance or frequently play sports. It is also a good option for women with thinning eyebrows heavily or those who completely lost as a result of the Italian disease.

There are several types of this type of makeup:

  • Microblading – the procedure is performed manually using a thin blade to distribute the pigment in the epidermis. This allows you to get the effect of delusion reminiscent of the Italian natural. Microblading works so in the case of thinning eyebrows, thin and irregularly shaped.


  • Method HAIR – also it involves drawing on the skin thin hairs. In this case, however it not used blades, but with special devices needles.

method HAIR

  • Microshading – has the effect of slightly made-up eyebrows – bold, expressive and full color. The treatment is performed using a single needle, with which skin the pigment is introduced. A variation of this method is ombre brows, or styling, at which uses several shades of pigment, which gives a very natural effect gradations.

micro Satin
ombre brows

Type of permanent makeup is best to choose in consultation with a specialist, based on the type of skin (eg. Microblading is not recommended for oily skin) and the effect you want to achieve.

Contraindications to treatment are:

  • ophthalmological diseases, cardiological, cancer, dermatological autoimmune diseases, diabetes, hemophilia, epilepsy,
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding,
  • fresh scars,
  • sunburn,
  • taking antibiotics, steroids, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and anti-depressants,
  • allergy to dyes,
  • skin changes.

The way to blackheads on the nose – how to get rid of them home-made?

The way to blackheads on the nose – how to get rid of them home-made?

Blackheads – what they are and how do they arise?

Blackheads are most common in people with oily complexion. Contaminated far, that gather sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, in contact with air, they appear mostly in the nose. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of them home remedies. Look! Blackheads on the way home – the most popular methods to combat blackheads

Blackheads are one of the most common skin problems. The sebaceous glands produce the right amount of sebum which is then secreted to the surface being formed by a thin protective layer. If production of sebum is excessive, the mouth of the pores will be clogged with dead cells of the epidermis, or if they are incorrect construction, sebum is trapped therein, and the thus formed blackheads.

Blackheads cleaning patches do not work

A method for blackheads

Contact with air causes the sebum that darkens the skin, usually around the nose appears black dot. Blackheads can fortunately easily get rid of.

Blackheads on the way home

What is the best way to blackheads on my nose? One of them is peeling from milk and rice. Pour the rice milk, leave for a few hours, and then zblenduj. Ready Apply scrub on the face in the evening, then wash the skin with warm water. Regular use will help get rid of blackheads and restore your face beautiful, healthy look.

scrub with milk and rice.

Home mask for blackheads

Another effective way to blackheads on the nose with a mask of baking soda and water. Mix two teaspoons of baking soda with two teaspoons of mineral water. Then the mixture must be left for twenty minutes, then rinsed with cold water. This combination also very effectively cleanses the skin and helps to get rid of blackheads.

baking soda and water.

Another way to blackheads on the nose is lemon juice. Really worth using lemon juice. Washing your face with plain lemon juice gives the skin a fresh and unique style. This fruit is astringent and toning properties and anti-inflammatory.

lemon juice.

Flaxseed is good for many diseases and skin problems, thus it is a good way to blackheads. Three teaspoons of flaxseed should pour hot water. If the mixture has cooled, apply it to the face, then after 15 minutes wash.


To get rid of blackheads home-nasal mask will also be excellent from the crushed leaves fenugreek. Mix a few crushed leaves of this plant, and then connect it with boiled water RileyMakeup. The finished mixture apply on face for about 15 minutes, then rinse.

Mask of crushed fenugreek leaves.

An effective way to blackheads are also … potatoes. You have to erase them on a grater, and then applied to the face. After minutes with lukewarm water. You try it?


An effective way to blackheads on the nose in the beauty salon

There are also specialized treatments blackheads on the nose. Women who can afford such a luxury, often choose to beauty salon to perform proper care of your face. In people with blackheads are usually made following two treatments.

  • Microdermabrasion – a care treatment, during which the rough skin is removed via a stream of microcrystalline directed under pressure to the skin surface. Microdermabrasion may be diamond (diamond crystals are used) or Alumina (using alumina or corundum). Some beauty salons are also on offer microdermabrasion uses oxygen and saline.

Microdermabrasion –

  • Cavitation peeling – it is a procedure which is much gentler than microdermabrasion. To use ultrasound treatment. What exactly is it? On the skin they are sprayed with water droplets, which, under the action of ultrasound form bubbles, and then the cracking remove dead skin layer and at the same time removes excess sebum and bacteria from our face. Cavitation peeling treatment is painless and non-invasive, and therefore very popular among people with sensitive complexions.

Cavitation peeling –

It is important not to perform the above procedures in the summer, because the skin is exposed to frequent contact with sunlight.

Both domestic and professional ways of blackheads on the nose produce results. Note, however, that the most important thing is prevention. Ensure proper care of your skin and a balanced, healthy diet. As they say – you are what you eat.


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  • TianDe Cream against wągrom and scars 20g

What shape of your ear talking about love life? Be sure to check future partner

What shape of your ear talking about love life? Be sure to check future partner

Is there a relationship between the shape of the ear and love life? Best to see for yourself. From the above illustration choose the ear, that look most similar to your, and then read the corresponding description. You can thus check your partner, friend, or sister … parents. Have fun!

What ear shape says about love life?

Form A – wide and short earlobes

Such ears most people have very sociable and attractive. They enjoy great success in love. They have many admirers, and probably they happen to break some hearts. It podrywacze and flirt. Usually in your life they have many compounds often pass from one into another. They are rarely alone. Even if they are abandoned, easily find another candidate for the position. Rather, they do not cry after lost love and soon throw themselves into the next adventure. Jumping from flower to flower perfectly fun and at the same time getting to know each other and seeking their happiness. It takes a little bit, but when they manage to find that one person, their love life is the total variation. And like in a fairy tale they live happily in a successful relationship.

Form B – long and narrow earlobes clearly falling down

Love is not the first place for people endowed with such ears. They prefer to focus on other aspects of life. Not looking for a partner and not seek to create relationships. They feel that they are important and interesting things, which it is better to spend your time. We value freedom and liberty. They want to live their own way, not have to adapt to anyone or anyone to translate. This strong individualists. Even if someone bind, keep the person at a distance. They can not really fall in love or make the other person’s part of their world. They do not become attached to a partner, and the parting treat old shoes thrown into the trash.

Form C – very small earlobes

People with such ears are uncomplicated, sincere, spontaneous and very emotional. Quickly they fall in love and they love very deeply. It is easy to hurt them. They are also very trusting and naive. They love to help others. For this reason they are often used by their partners. For a loved one are able to do everything and do not see that were in a toxic relationship.

Form D – slightly bifurcated earlobe

Such ears is unfortunately a bad omen. People are endowed with them fatal partners. Completely unable to find a connection. Often become entangled in a toxic relationship. They tend to be insanely jealous, possessive but also extremely brusque and insensitive to their partners. Interestingly this applies only love. As for the other relationships are really good people. Cool neighbors, great buddies and excellent employees. Unfortunately, at the time the relationship is happening to them something very bad.

And how? Right?

If you like such tests, also check what it says about the man mouth shape. Remember that this is only a game and its outcome does not have to be in line with reality. Although, of course, can, because, after all superstitions, prejudices and beliefs are rooted. Today, the physiognomy is considered to be pseudoscience, and modern medical knowledge does not see the connection between the appearance of the man and his character.

What does your nose say about you? Check

Not only the ears, but also the nose can reveal certain character traits iam fashion. Below we present you the infographic divided into eight basic types of noses. It was founded on the basis of an Israeli scientist. Abraham Tamir University of the Negev discovered that the nose shape is related to the character. Check to see that he was right.

Now we paint the nails … vice versa. Meet reverse manicure!

Now we paint the nails … vice versa. Meet reverse manicure!

Trends 2020: A Reverse manicure – so now we paint your nails

In this ever more popular natural look – be sure to try out detox manicure. Your nails will definitely love this trend. We go back to the classics, but in a more innovative twist. Furore doing now french manicure on short nails. Yes! It is possible and does not look bad. On the contrary, visually slims and lengthens fingers. If, however, in the spring of 2020 for wolałybyście crazy, we still have a third proposal. This so-called reverse manicure. french reversed.

Sounds exotic? A little bit. But it looks really amazing. At first we were much surprised, but quickly uznałyśmy, it makes sense. And it looks great! Reverse manicure is an idea for the original nails for girls who like to break the schemes and do things his way.

How do reverse manicure? It is not difficult Girl Links. The classic French manicure is to highlight the nail tip white. Women willing to decide on the color french. While the reverse manicure lies in the fact that paint a contrasting color bar at the base of the nail. The effect is really very interesting.

Doing the reverse manicure attitudes contrasting colors. This way you get the best effect. You may also be tempted to decorate nail stickers, glitter and tinsel. Spring and summer is a time of madness.

Doing the reverse manicure, but you must be careful with the choice of colors. It is easy to inadvertently neglected to get the effect of półcentymetrowym nail regrowth. It would be safer to choose a darker color at the roots and lighter for the rest of the plate. Then the risk of obtaining the effect of regrowth is less.

Remember, you do not have all the nails painted in the style of the reverse manicure. Equally interesting will look like the hands of one or two nails french version reversed.

Ideas and inspiration can be found on the reverse manicure, among others, Instragramie on the hasztagami #reversemanicure or #reversefrench. Some nails are real works of art.

How do you like the reverse manicure? You decide for such nails, but if this trend does not appeal to you?

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Trendiest nails this spring – a surprising choice!

Trendiest nails this spring – a surprising choice!

Starting from the most classic, referring to some American grunge style, after numerous decorations and designs that little break this simplicity.

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  • This hairstyle will hit the spring – it looks impressive and puts itself
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Undoubtedly, the return of black refers to the style of the 90s that still reigns in fashion. As noted Tuttle Sarah Gibson, an expert on trends, it is still present and is doing great. “The trend will continue to apply darker colors, black reign, deep shades of chocolate, pomegranate” – promises.

Black on the nails already ceased to be merely an expression of rebellion, closely associated with subcultures, it has become one of the strongest fashion trends.

Black also gives you the ability to create interesting graphic patterns – from simple dots to subtle, miniature, geometric decoration body care skin. You can also play invoice – from shimmering varnish, matt or the reach for interesting additions such. Crystals subtle or bright color accents.

“The sun in a tube.” How to correctly apply and wash off self-tanning?

“The sun in a tube.” How to correctly apply and wash off self-tanning?

Sun-kissed skin not only looks healthy and appetizing, but also looks great with summer dresses and shorts. Unfortunately, although the spring began, we still have many days that due to the pandemic coronavirus have to spend at home top beauty club. How to prepare for summer clothes to wear when the rays of the sun watching from behind the glass? With pale skin comes self-tanning.

In whatever form – foam, cream or spray, self-tanning always works in the same way: by chemical reaction dyed skin layer (DHA sugar molecule reacts to the protein in the skin). As a result, the body becomes brown in color, and we do not have to lie for hours in the sun. Using self-tanning is not as simple as that – so the skin is not created unsightly stains, you need to follow a few rules while applying the cosmetic.

Choose the right product

Before you begin the adventure Self-tanning, you must obtain the appropriate product. Cosmetic choose a great shade of your skin – skin bronzers light on the dark may look too yellow, and the products to be used on dark skin will give a clear effect of the mask.

Also remember to use separate self-tanning cosmetics for face and body (preferably the same brand). They differ from each other consistency – self-tan for the face has a lighter consistency and does not clog pores. Try to also choose the type of cosmetics for your skin type. With oily complexion bronzers work best in the foam, spray and flows, and in the case of dry skin – creams. The drug can also buy self-tan in the form of wet wipes.

Preparing your body to use self-tanner

If you want to have the most natural tan, you must remember that a good effect also depends on the preparation of the skin for cosmetic applications. The day before applying self-tanner make a body scrub, and wydepiluj legs. Apply a nourishing moisturizer to the skin to the next day adequately hydrated.

For applying self-tanner take on quietly and pick for a long time. Rinse properly makeup, antiperspirant perfumes and other cosmetics from the body, and the best – take a quick shower and a good dry skin. Prior to application of self-tanning body does not use any cosmetics as the product may be absorbed unevenly.

How to apply self-tan on the body?

To tanning was the most natural, the application of cosmetics to keep in mind a few rules:

  • Apply self-tan body or wearing rubber gloves protect hands moisturizing cream;
  • Apply self-tanner is not directly on the skin, if it is not spray. Rub it in your hands first, and then smear on the skin, carefully spreading;
  • Apply self-tan in the direction from head to toe and watch out for areas where the skin is thicker. On the elbows, heels and knees apply cosmetics mixed with a touch of moisturizing lotion, so the effect will be more natural;
  • in the case of self-tan face Apply a thin layer and watch out for recesses (eg wings of the nose), not to them, gathered in too many cosmetic.

What if you pass slip-up? Do not panic!

If you do not want to include the slip in the form of unsightly stains, streaks or – even worse – almost black colored sensitive parts of the body (skin on the elbows, knees), Apply self-tan a few times, but a thin layer. This not only will prevent discolouration, but also achieve a more natural effect nicer tan. Immediately after application of a cosmetic dressing wait – this is not turles clothes, but not unnaturally tan smear on the body.

However, if it happens, so that the self-tanner application will appear on the skin stains, do not panic. There are several ways by which fix minor mishaps:

  • long bath or shower – softens the skin, and you can scrape with peeling after samoopalaczu imperfection;

long bath or shower –

  • lemon juice – the self-tanner application, especially in the form of a cream or lotion, be sure to keep your hands on disposable, waterproof gloves. If you forget about them, and his hands and fingernails are unsightly discoloration, wash them thoroughly with lemon juice;

lemon juice –

  • glove to remove stains samoopalaczu – it do not only gentle body scrub before applying cosmetics, but also effortlessly remove spots and streaks after applying self-tanner, using only water and shower gel.

glove for removing stains samoopalaczu –

Tan – Frequently Asked Questions

When I see the effects after using self-tanner and how long they persist?

Target effect on the correct application of cosmetics on the skin will appear after 6 hours. The effect of the tan lasts for about a week, but if you depend on the extension – Use self-tanner every 3-4 days, each time preceding his application solid body peeling.

After applying self-tanner can wash / wear?

After using self-tanning bath to wait six hours, allowing the skin to absorb cosmetic. As for the hands – the wash immediately after applying self-tanner.

After the application of artificial tan is best for one day withdraw from the white clothes. On cosmetic avoid imposing too tight, tight clothes, through which self-tanning body may be worn or accumulated in one place, creating streaks.

What is safer for the skin: the natural self-tanning or sun?

Prolonged exposure to the sun while insecurity UV filters can not only lead to burns or drying of the skin, but also to cancer. About samoopalaczach say “the sun in a tube,” because if they are used correctly, allow you to enjoy a beautiful tan without risking burns or skin diseases. The only disadvantage of tanning is that some of them slightly przesuszają skin.

Hygiene and beauty – do online shopping without leaving home!

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Drugstores Nature care about the safety of their workers and customers

Drugstores Nature care about the safety of their workers and customers

The current restrictions are particularly acute for large, large format stores. In our drugstores nature, just after the announcement of epidemics, we have introduced restrictions on the number of customers in the store. Thus, the current restrictions do not affect the way our drug, and our customers have come to get used to them. For us, the priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and I have to admit that customers are very disciplined and respect all the recommendations of both internal and those imposed by the State. They approach them with extraordinary attention to themselves and others.

In drugstores we install protective panels of Plexiglas, to raise the level of operational safety. We provide disinfection liquids, we try to ensure the gloves, but unfortunately the market is struggling with problems with their regular availability.

In the past three weeks the needs of customers have changed dramatically. I will not say anything revealing, stating that the products are the leading categories for body hygiene, disinfection, antibacterial products. We respond to these needs on a regular basis and try to dynamically adapt to them. We want to ensure the constant availability of our product range in drugstores and develop it further. I am convinced that the habits of hygiene and disinfection are already in our society on a permanent basis. Also introduced a protective mask. Definitely took on greater significance household products because a clean home is a healthy home. Most affected categories are color cosmetics and fragrances. This is resulting drastically reduce social contacts which translates to is that the needs of customers shopping in these categories dropped dramatically.

To summarize the current situation we focus primarily on those categories that are relevant to our client.

I expect that in the near future a large significance, hair coloring, hair removal, because now these treatments have to be done at home alone. Trying to meet these expectations, we launched our e-commerce and social media campaign # pięknawdomu. The social media is a series of publications to support our clients in carrying out independent operations, which most often carry the hands of specialists in beauty salons. The e-commerce is a dedicated landing page, which in addition to bringing educational value, information will allow for immediate purchase all the necessary products and cosmetics. Earlier #naturalnieodporni series was divided into two series and enjoyed great popularity. In the first PhD., MD. Luiza Napiórkowska in a few short video clips, answering questions that bothered all of us – how to raise the resistance, how to take care of themselves and their families in the face of the unknown which was the coronavirus, which allowed and what is better, due to health avoid. In the second PhD., MD. Rogińska Natalia, a pediatrician and psychologist, virtually supported prompting parents to explain to the children what exactly this coronavirus is how to protect and how to organize their time, to be able to work trendy makeup..

It reduces swelling, it improves skin firmness and facilitates weight loss

It reduces swelling, it improves skin firmness and facilitates weight loss

Lymphatic massage – what is it?

Dane Emil Vodder, a doctor, to whom we owe today well known and increasingly popular lymphatic massage. He studied this method of improving the flow of blood and lymph, for 25 years. Observations of patients with problematic edema who underwent this method of treatment, establish that lymphatic massage in their case gives excellent results.

Lymphatic massage is also known as lymphatic drainage, which is used on the feet, face, hands and stomach. Its aim is to improve the flow of lymph and blood in the body, but the way it affects favorably on the appearance and condition of the skin and internal organs. Lymphatic massage also stimulates metabolism and fat metabolism, so it is an ally of people who want to lose weight.

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Lymphatic massage the legs

Lymphatic massage is usually performed on the legs, especially in the calves. It was at this point appears most frequently swelling, soreness and heaviness. A signal that they need lymphatic massage legs are too cold feet. Do not underestimate these problems, because their neglect may result in the need serious treatment.

Currently, lymphatic massage can be performed manually or mechanically. In manual lymphatic massage uses a variety of techniques, which rely on the performance of drainage gentle, circular hand movements and additional compression in the direction of lymph flow, ie in the direction of the lymph nodes and heart. In turn, mechanical lymphatic massage consists of clothes in special cuffs that are connected to a special camera. These devices puts pressure on the limbs under the influence of alternating admission and discharge of air at appropriate time sequences.

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The aim of both types of drainage is to stimulate the lymphatic system and bloodstream. Both treatments are painless. Lymphatic massage in both variants brings relief, you can relax and get rid of the troublesome problems with slacks lymph in the body. In addition it helps to reduce cellulite and firms the skin. Lymphatic massage is performed in the massage parlors, beauty parlors, as well as biological odnowach.

How do yourself lymphatic massage legs?

Lymphatic massage the legs you can do yourself at home. You can also ask for help from family members. Opting for home treatment should be aware of several important principles. Firstly, lymphatic massage, we start with a gentle leg.

In the second, the main stage will be needed lymphatic massage oil, which should lubricate hands and start massaging the feet vigorous circular motion. Here is an important direction perfect allure. Lymphatic massage starts from the bottom and gradually flows upward. In this way, he sold the lymph and blood to the lymph nodes, in accordance with its natural direction of flow. Besides a circular motion, lymphatic massage also can be used alternately patting legs shores hand, pinch the skin constrict fist or your fingertips, and rub the palms.

Home lymphatic drainage legs can end Chinese cupping, which sucks the skin and it is rolled. Lymphatic massage the legs should last about 45 minutes.

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Lymphatic Facial Massage

They are gaining popularity facial lymphatic massage. This happens for many reasons. They include aesthetic issues, because the lymphatic drainage reduces swelling of the face – including the eyes, bruising and hematomas. In addition, such a procedure cleanses the skin of toxins, which, in the arrears. This is the effect to improve blood and lymph circulation. It has been proved, too, that such a procedure helps to get rid of sinus problems.

Facial lymphatic massage starts from the clavicles. It then passes through the face up to the top of the head. Just as drainage leg in the first phase are gentle movements, and in the second – and firm circular compression. The treatment should last about 30 minutes. The effects of massage are visible already after the first massage. In addition to the reduction of swelling, the skin becomes radiant, firmer and more elastic, better absorption of active substances used cosmetics.

You have to remember, however, that as with all other treatments, lymphatic massage can not be performed at all. With treatments such resign should a person with arthritis, thrombophlebitis, asthma, cancer, renal failure, hypertension, heart failure, birthmarks, atherosclerosis, numbness of the extremities, inflammation of the lymphatic vessels, varicose veins, respiratory failure, myocardial ischemia, inflammation of the skin, and women in pregnancy.

Shading of hair still very fashionable. How to take care to look good?

Shading of hair still very fashionable. How to take care to look good?

Why opt for tinted hair and how to care for the hair?

Shading hair the way to a modern and fashionable hairstyle. It’s a trend popular with both young and older women who appreciate comfort. Barbers often recommend shading the hair to fit them in motion and to give them energy and volume.

Shading hair can be done with special scissors blades so. degażówkami, which give the effect of the frayed strands. They have distinctive teeth, which in a quick and easy way to hair shades. However, many of them resigns hairdressers and performs this procedure, normal scissors, which is more difficult and laborious, but safer and healthier for the hair. Degażówki damage the structure of the hair and cause split ends faster.

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What is shading the hair?

The hair shading say when the barber will cut hair so that most of them had the same length, but a single strand, will be shortened a bit more. Usually shades hair from ear height down. With this hairstyle takes on a different shape than the usual cut. It is also much easier to solve. Shaded enough to wash your hair, then dry and comb to have a ready-made impressive hairstyle for any occasion.

The big advantage of shading the hair is that it creates a universal hairstyle, because it fits virtually every type of beauty. This adds charm to each cut regardless of age. In addition, shaded hairstyles make us look younger.

Shaded hair in layers

Owners of long hair hairdresser may also propose the layered shading hair. This cut, in which not a single strand, but larger strands of hair are cut shorter than the whole. The result is a feminine, sensual hairstyle.

Shading layered hair adds to the volume and three-dimensionality. For this hair cut in layers that surround the face, rejuvenate and soften features. Depending on what you can do expect the effect of shading layered with bangs to the side, short bangs, parted, shading the entire length of hair or below the ear. You can also shorten the harder hair on the back, leaving long strands in the front or back of the shade cascaded only hairstyle.

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Shading long hair

Most often they are shaded long hair. This treatment is recommended, inter alia, ladies that have thick hair. With the shading, and they will take a little lightness they will rise at the base. On the other hand hair rare and delicate shading add volume mom styles. To get the desired effect is needed knowledge and experience hairdresser and moderation. Too strong shading can harm both the hair thick and rare.

Importantly, this cutting method can be performed both on the hair straight, wavy or curly. Long hair shaded do not require special combing bake and time-consuming to look elegant. Washed and combed fit every occasion and for every styling, but if someone likes to go crazy with the haircut, the hair shaded give room to maneuver.

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Long hair shaded: hairstyle

Long hair shaded enough to gather in the usual ponytail to get interesting, romantic effect. We are using a similar get loose bake, which in addition to the romantic confusion, give us nonchalance.

In addition, long hair can turn shaded and undulate. Shaded curls are more clear and natural. For shaded hair, you can add more items such as hair bangs or highlights.

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Shaded shoulder length hair

Barbers shades too short and medium-length hair. The effect of this procedure is the same as in the case of long hair – quick and easy hairstyle, does not require special styling. The exceptions are shoulder-length hair, which is recommended to be modeled with a brush during drying. It may also be useful straightener. While styling short hair just a little bit of gel or foam.

As in the case of long hair, shading and short half length hair adds to the lightness and volume. You should know that shaded the hair to the shoulders give the impression that the whole is more slender silhouette.

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