Have you lightened your hair and want it to regain its former form? Your goal will be to provide them with the right nutrients – make this a priority. But where to find them?

Does bleaching damage your hair?

What determines the color of the hair? From the number and type of melanin molecules (pigment group) in the bulb. Lightening the hair, especially with dark pigment, is a deep interference in its structure. Chemical bleaching of hair is nothing pleasant for the hair. Let’s take the sodium metasilicate “on the job”, which you will find in most chemical hair bleaching products. It has one task – to make it easier for the lightener to penetrate under the cuticle. To achieve this goal, it first destroys the fatty layer that protects the hair core and keeps the right amount of water in it. Later, it opens the cuticles and “injects” pigment-dispersing substances inside the hair. Pretty aggressive process, isn’t it?

That is why, after all, the hair is weakened, prone to mechanical damage, brittleness and splitting. Proper care will help improve their appearance and condition.

I have dark hair myself and I must admit that it was hard for me to give up even a small metamorphosis, which improves my mood and brings a slight breeze of freshness. I opted for 1/3 of the length. My hair is dry, curly and frizzy. They didn’t look good after surgery. I started looking for a way to save them.

How to rebuild damaged hair after bleaching?

For first, look at the best products of hair dying and bleaching at makeupyes.com. If your hair is very damaged after bleaching, start by trimming the ends. Grooming should be comprehensive and regular. The greater the tonal range between the previous shade and the new one, the more often you use cosmetics to care for dry hair.

There are plenty of products on the market to support the intensive regeneration of the hair structure. What to look for? Primarily for its destiny. Look for the words on the label: for dry and damaged hair, for dry and damaged by bleaching, for colored, nourishing and regenerating hair, etc.

5 ways to take care of your hair after bleaching

1. Oils
For some time now, I have been using a mixture with organic argan oil, which I apply to my hair an hour before shampooing. I use it all along my hair.

If your hair tends to be oily, avoid applying oils close to your scalp. Keep such a product on your hair as long as the manufacturer recommends (I keep it for half an hour).

Mixtures with oils and oils usually have to be washed off, because they are too heavy to apply without rinsing. To preserve the effects of nourishment, wash off the oils with a shampoo designed for dry, damaged hair with strongly regenerating and nourishing properties (e.g. Vichy Laboratoires Dercos Technique, Pharmaceris H H-Nutrimelin – with honey and amino acids or L’Biotica Biovax – Henna extract, regenerates the structure hair). Bleached hair will be dry, whether it is greasy or not – its nutritional coating has been damaged by chemicals and needs to be rebuilt.

Other examples? Sweet almond oil has a very nourishing effect. Mainly thanks to the vitamins, fatty acids and proteins it contains. I recommend cosmetics with coconut oil – I had a conditioner that I applied after washing, on damp hair, without rinsing – a revelation! Use a little because if you use too much your hair will feel heavy and droopy.

Other oils with fatty acids and vitamins that are successfully used for hair include: linseed, jojoba, black cumin, wheat germ, rosehip, sea buckthorn and even plum seeds! Each of them nourishes, moisturizes and has protective and regenerating properties.

Look for organic, ecological or hidden products under the currently popular abbreviation BIO. Why? You will be sure that they have not lost their nutritional properties and have been produced properly.

2. Masks and conditioners
When looking for a suitable mask, follow its content. It is best when it contains natural nutrients, proteins, fatty acids, vitamins. Often, such products include the oils I wrote about above (e.g. in the Vichy Laboratoires Dercos Technique conditioner – sweet almond oil, rosehip oil or in the Seboradin regenerating mask – jojoba, castor oil).

Why is it worth reaching for cosmetics with proteins? They play a repair and strengthening role, fill the defects under the cuticle and create an additional protective layer. The Revalid protein supplement is noteworthy. It can be used for all hair types, it strongly regenerates the hair structure.

An interesting addition in hair cosmetics is mango butter. It must be cold pressed to preserve its nutrients. They are mainly natural fatty acids (stearic, oleic, linoleic and palmitic). As I mentioned earlier, the hair has its own fatty shell, which is damaged during bleaching, the above-mentioned. acids are responsible for its reconstruction. There aren’t too many mango butter conditioners in the composition. I am going to try out the Klorane hair mask in the near future.

3. Head massage
What else can help with bleached hair treatment? Head massages during washing – thanks to this you will improve blood circulation in the skin and oxygenate the hair roots. A healthy bulb is a nourished, healthy hair.

4. Hair tablets
A friend uses hair tablets with horsetail extract, nettle and B vitamins. They strengthen and nourish the bulbs, provide hair with vitamins that are essential for their development.

5. Hairdressing treatments
There are also people who decide to visit the hairdresser on a regular basis in order to perform professional regeneration treatments (e.g. hair reconstruction with the use of amino acids).