Shading of hair still very fashionable. How to take care to look good?

Why opt for tinted hair and how to care for the hair?

Shading hair the way to a modern and fashionable hairstyle. It’s a trend popular with both young and older women who appreciate comfort. Barbers often recommend shading the hair to fit them in motion and to give them energy and volume.

Shading hair can be done with special scissors blades so. degażówkami, which give the effect of the frayed strands. They have distinctive teeth, which in a quick and easy way to hair shades. However, many of them resigns hairdressers and performs this procedure, normal scissors, which is more difficult and laborious, but safer and healthier for the hair. Degażówki damage the structure of the hair and cause split ends faster.

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What is shading the hair?

The hair shading say when the barber will cut hair so that most of them had the same length, but a single strand, will be shortened a bit more. Usually shades hair from ear height down. With this hairstyle takes on a different shape than the usual cut. It is also much easier to solve. Shaded enough to wash your hair, then dry and comb to have a ready-made impressive hairstyle for any occasion.

The big advantage of shading the hair is that it creates a universal hairstyle, because it fits virtually every type of beauty. This adds charm to each cut regardless of age. In addition, shaded hairstyles make us look younger.

Shaded hair in layers

Owners of long hair hairdresser may also propose the layered shading hair. This cut, in which not a single strand, but larger strands of hair are cut shorter than the whole. The result is a feminine, sensual hairstyle.

Shading layered hair adds to the volume and three-dimensionality. For this hair cut in layers that surround the face, rejuvenate and soften features. Depending on what you can do expect the effect of shading layered with bangs to the side, short bangs, parted, shading the entire length of hair or below the ear. You can also shorten the harder hair on the back, leaving long strands in the front or back of the shade cascaded only hairstyle.

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Shading long hair

Most often they are shaded long hair. This treatment is recommended, inter alia, ladies that have thick hair. With the shading, and they will take a little lightness they will rise at the base. On the other hand hair rare and delicate shading add volume mom styles. To get the desired effect is needed knowledge and experience hairdresser and moderation. Too strong shading can harm both the hair thick and rare.

Importantly, this cutting method can be performed both on the hair straight, wavy or curly. Long hair shaded do not require special combing bake and time-consuming to look elegant. Washed and combed fit every occasion and for every styling, but if someone likes to go crazy with the haircut, the hair shaded give room to maneuver.

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Long hair shaded: hairstyle

Long hair shaded enough to gather in the usual ponytail to get interesting, romantic effect. We are using a similar get loose bake, which in addition to the romantic confusion, give us nonchalance.

In addition, long hair can turn shaded and undulate. Shaded curls are more clear and natural. For shaded hair, you can add more items such as hair bangs or highlights.

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Shaded shoulder length hair

Barbers shades too short and medium-length hair. The effect of this procedure is the same as in the case of long hair – quick and easy hairstyle, does not require special styling. The exceptions are shoulder-length hair, which is recommended to be modeled with a brush during drying. It may also be useful straightener. While styling short hair just a little bit of gel or foam.

As in the case of long hair, shading and short half length hair adds to the lightness and volume. You should know that shaded the hair to the shoulders give the impression that the whole is more slender silhouette.