“The sun in a tube.” How to correctly apply and wash off self-tanning?

Sun-kissed skin not only looks healthy and appetizing, but also looks great with summer dresses and shorts. Unfortunately, although the spring began, we still have many days that due to the pandemic coronavirus have to spend at home top beauty club. How to prepare for summer clothes to wear when the rays of the sun watching from behind the glass? With pale skin comes self-tanning.

In whatever form – foam, cream or spray, self-tanning always works in the same way: by chemical reaction dyed skin layer (DHA sugar molecule reacts to the protein in the skin). As a result, the body becomes brown in color, and we do not have to lie for hours in the sun. Using self-tanning is not as simple as that – so the skin is not created unsightly stains, you need to follow a few rules while applying the cosmetic.

Choose the right product

Before you begin the adventure Self-tanning, you must obtain the appropriate product. Cosmetic choose a great shade of your skin – skin bronzers light on the dark may look too yellow, and the products to be used on dark skin will give a clear effect of the mask.

Also remember to use separate self-tanning cosmetics for face and body (preferably the same brand). They differ from each other consistency – self-tan for the face has a lighter consistency and does not clog pores. Try to also choose the type of cosmetics for your skin type. With oily complexion bronzers work best in the foam, spray and flows, and in the case of dry skin – creams. The drug can also buy self-tan in the form of wet wipes.

Preparing your body to use self-tanner

If you want to have the most natural tan, you must remember that a good effect also depends on the preparation of the skin for cosmetic applications. The day before applying self-tanner make a body scrub, and wydepiluj legs. Apply a nourishing moisturizer to the skin to the next day adequately hydrated.

For applying self-tanner take on quietly and pick for a long time. Rinse properly makeup, antiperspirant perfumes and other cosmetics from the body, and the best – take a quick shower and a good dry skin. Prior to application of self-tanning body does not use any cosmetics as the product may be absorbed unevenly.

How to apply self-tan on the body?

To tanning was the most natural, the application of cosmetics to keep in mind a few rules:

  • Apply self-tan body or wearing rubber gloves protect hands moisturizing cream;
  • Apply self-tanner is not directly on the skin, if it is not spray. Rub it in your hands first, and then smear on the skin, carefully spreading;
  • Apply self-tan in the direction from head to toe and watch out for areas where the skin is thicker. On the elbows, heels and knees apply cosmetics mixed with a touch of moisturizing lotion, so the effect will be more natural;
  • in the case of self-tan face Apply a thin layer and watch out for recesses (eg wings of the nose), not to them, gathered in too many cosmetic.

What if you pass slip-up? Do not panic!

If you do not want to include the slip in the form of unsightly stains, streaks or – even worse – almost black colored sensitive parts of the body (skin on the elbows, knees), Apply self-tan a few times, but a thin layer. This not only will prevent discolouration, but also achieve a more natural effect nicer tan. Immediately after application of a cosmetic dressing wait – this is not turles clothes, but not unnaturally tan smear on the body.

However, if it happens, so that the self-tanner application will appear on the skin stains, do not panic. There are several ways by which fix minor mishaps:

  • long bath or shower – softens the skin, and you can scrape with peeling after samoopalaczu imperfection;

long bath or shower –

  • lemon juice – the self-tanner application, especially in the form of a cream or lotion, be sure to keep your hands on disposable, waterproof gloves. If you forget about them, and his hands and fingernails are unsightly discoloration, wash them thoroughly with lemon juice;

lemon juice –

  • glove to remove stains samoopalaczu – it do not only gentle body scrub before applying cosmetics, but also effortlessly remove spots and streaks after applying self-tanner, using only water and shower gel.

glove for removing stains samoopalaczu –

Tan – Frequently Asked Questions

When I see the effects after using self-tanner and how long they persist?

Target effect on the correct application of cosmetics on the skin will appear after 6 hours. The effect of the tan lasts for about a week, but if you depend on the extension – Use self-tanner every 3-4 days, each time preceding his application solid body peeling.

After applying self-tanner can wash / wear?

After using self-tanning bath to wait six hours, allowing the skin to absorb cosmetic. As for the hands – the wash immediately after applying self-tanner.

After the application of artificial tan is best for one day withdraw from the white clothes. On cosmetic avoid imposing too tight, tight clothes, through which self-tanning body may be worn or accumulated in one place, creating streaks.

What is safer for the skin: the natural self-tanning or sun?

Prolonged exposure to the sun while insecurity UV filters can not only lead to burns or drying of the skin, but also to cancer. About samoopalaczach say “the sun in a tube,” because if they are used correctly, allow you to enjoy a beautiful tan without risking burns or skin diseases. The only disadvantage of tanning is that some of them slightly przesuszajÄ… skin.

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