What shape of your ear talking about love life? Be sure to check future partner

Is there a relationship between the shape of the ear and love life? Best to see for yourself. From the above illustration choose the ear, that look most similar to your, and then read the corresponding description. You can thus check your partner, friend, or sister … parents. Have fun!

What ear shape says about love life?

Form A – wide and short earlobes

Such ears most people have very sociable and attractive. They enjoy great success in love. They have many admirers, and probably they happen to break some hearts. It podrywacze and flirt. Usually in your life they have many compounds often pass from one into another. They are rarely alone. Even if they are abandoned, easily find another candidate for the position. Rather, they do not cry after lost love and soon throw themselves into the next adventure. Jumping from flower to flower perfectly fun and at the same time getting to know each other and seeking their happiness. It takes a little bit, but when they manage to find that one person, their love life is the total variation. And like in a fairy tale they live happily in a successful relationship.

Form B – long and narrow earlobes clearly falling down

Love is not the first place for people endowed with such ears. They prefer to focus on other aspects of life. Not looking for a partner and not seek to create relationships. They feel that they are important and interesting things, which it is better to spend your time. We value freedom and liberty. They want to live their own way, not have to adapt to anyone or anyone to translate. This strong individualists. Even if someone bind, keep the person at a distance. They can not really fall in love or make the other person’s part of their world. They do not become attached to a partner, and the parting treat old shoes thrown into the trash.

Form C – very small earlobes

People with such ears are uncomplicated, sincere, spontaneous and very emotional. Quickly they fall in love and they love very deeply. It is easy to hurt them. They are also very trusting and naive. They love to help others. For this reason they are often used by their partners. For a loved one are able to do everything and do not see that were in a toxic relationship.

Form D – slightly bifurcated earlobe

Such ears is unfortunately a bad omen. People are endowed with them fatal partners. Completely unable to find a connection. Often become entangled in a toxic relationship. They tend to be insanely jealous, possessive but also extremely brusque and insensitive to their partners. Interestingly this applies only love. As for the other relationships are really good people. Cool neighbors, great buddies and excellent employees. Unfortunately, at the time the relationship is happening to them something very bad.

And how? Right?

If you like such tests, also check what it says about the man mouth shape. Remember that this is only a game and its outcome does not have to be in line with reality. Although, of course, can, because, after all superstitions, prejudices and beliefs are rooted. Today, the physiognomy is considered to be pseudoscience, and modern medical knowledge does not see the connection between the appearance of the man and his character.

What does your nose say about you? Check

Not only the ears, but also the nose can reveal certain character traits iam fashion. Below we present you the infographic divided into eight basic types of noses. It was founded on the basis of an Israeli scientist. Abraham Tamir University of the Negev discovered that the nose shape is related to the character. Check to see that he was right.